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Art Com Paris is an independent Art Sourcing firm.
Founder Isabelle Dedieu is part of a close network of French artists. She focuses on showcasing and selling works by artists on the primary art market.
She knows where to find talented artists and how to inspire them to create the perfect artwork for your project.

Creating a unique project

Specialized in the coaching of independent artists and in the field of trade art, we are able to source artwork across the entire spectrum of the visual arts : from original paintings, sculpture and photographs, monumental sculptures for halls or parks, mosaics for terraces or pools, carved wood furniture, art lighting of exceptional size, light sculpture, embroidery furnishings and embroidery on leather.

The French style

We value the unique know-how of the French creation.
The French excellence comes from the recognition of a creative state of mind, guided by a sense of commitment that leaves its place to extravagance.
All our independent artists and craftsmen meet the requirements of a tailored, offering endless creative possibilities. Each piece is unique, drawn in the workshop and made entirely by hand in accordance with the artcrafts traditions.


We develop a service custom tailored to respond to your specific demands.
Our advise is based on identifying your individual and specific requirements.
We will assist you with every aspect of your art purchase and manage the entire project : from your initial selection of the artist, to framed design and final product.