Project Description

Mineral radiance / Energy of Movement / Balance of the composition

Guillaume Roche creates stainless steel sculptures with powerful lines and aerial movements. His search of form is based on the transformation of raw material. He looks for the contrast between torn up raw shapes and polished minimalist shapes. A mineral spirit blows on his sculptures.The life bloods of nature are his source of inspiration: chaos of stones, ever changing winds, camaieux of the sea, clear or violent skies. Energy and eruption are the key words of his works, while his shapes are purified and softened by the erosion of time. Stillness after the storm!

You got a project, We have the Talent!

The French artiste makes sculptures from 30 cm to 2 meters, and Develops custom project larger or monumental, from 2 to 15 meters for furnishing interior or exterior : sculptures, wall art, fontains, furniture, railings, stairs, … The artist develops custom projects, he meets the requirements of a tailored work, offering endless creative possibilities.

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