Project Description

Glass work which provides light and elegance for your project.

This artist has a long experience in designing glass for decoration; windows, walls, glass roofs, lighting… by only using quality materials he offers you a touch of eternity. The first step consists of technical and artistic specifications, then the artist offers some sketches, simulations and three-dimensional models if needed. The next step is the production: glass sheets with colored glass powders and silver are put on indented patterns drawn by hand in sand, heated at a high temperature. After the packaging by professionals in overseas artwork delivery, the piece is brought to your place. All the pieces are unique and signed by the artist.
Techniques : laminated glass, bending, cutting and drilling, polishing in the shapes and sizes you need.

You got a project, We have the Talent!

The artist develops custom projects, he meets the requirements of a tailored work, offering endless creative possibilities.

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