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Paintings silkscreened on Plexiglas

French-New-Yorker artist living and working today in Besancon, France. He works mainly with large wall installations of paintings on Plexiglas panels painted on the back side (105 cm x 105 cm)-(41’’x 41’’) and mounted on the exhibition walls side by side. The Plexiglas material, with it bright transparent front surface, being at the same time the support and the protection, activate the bold densities of the applied coloured pigments in bringing more light to brighten them up.

His unique art technique mixing silkscreen and painting, uses collected images from rituals practiced in old civilisations like the Aztecs, Mayas, North American Indians, mixed with contemporary drawings from popular erotic Japanese manga and some mystical Hindu drawings (yantras) or other geometrical patterns. He usually silkscreen up to 3 layers of images on top of each other and finish the painting with 3 coats of monochrome acrylic paint, similarly to the traditional reverse glass painting technique. Shown individually, a Plexiglas painting  (140 x 140 cm)-(56’’x 56’’) is framed with small coloured rectangular Plexiglas panels (35 x 17.5 cm)-(14’’ x  7’’) in ‪checkered patterns of bright colours like red, blue, yellow, orange or green, alternatively combined with black ones.

“My large wall painting installations challenge the viewer mind’s as they are composed of a mix of several square paintings which contains themes, subject matters, colors and energies totally different and sometimes chronologically, morally and philosophically diametrically opposed. During the creative process, I am getting rid of the ego and any idea to achieve a personal chef-d’œuvre, in mixing freely images I could create a new orderless language which let the artworks enter the universal thought, the endlessness, the continuous, the unconscious, the spiritual and all the dynamical Life energies systems as a whole: sexuality, Nature… As for, I am giving birth to a kind of Art total, as it always had been realized in ancient civilizations in which everything used to be connected together and interwoven: the Universe, the Cosmos, the human body, the animals, the plants… way beyond contemporary narrow-minded Western dualistic concepts which dissociate: being and not being, order and chaos, body and soul, good and evil, secular and sacred, fullness and emptiness…” JPS

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