Project Description

You got a project, We have the Talent!

Since 2012, the Couleurs, a series of canvas tightened on a 150 x 148 cm frame, gather one spot of each colour used during the elaboration of the Paintings. Drawn on a white canvas, as in the Carrés series, those spots are organised around a yellow center and their shape depends from the texture of colour and of the tool or gesture used to paint.

As soon as 1994, the Palettes, a series of maroufled papers on canvas dimensioned 27 x 20,5 cm, are used as a work tool allowing to try and select the right colour in the course of its fabrication, before laying it on the painting medium. Little by little, they became a work in itself, a work in progress constituted by the chronological suite of all these Palettes, numbering now more than 1000. Since 2001, some of them are selected to be the models of the realised paintings, which then bear their numbers as a title.

In 1997, at the “Université des Sciences Humaines” in Strasbourg, I defended my thesis, titled Claude Monet : A l’école de l’œil.

This investigation, conducted over several years, has had repercussions for my own work that have lasted to the present day. For the practical part of my doctorate, I presented work on the theme of the Garden, built out of rhythmic and repetitive systems, from the standpoint both of gesture and of color. After the defense, I decided to eliminate green from my palette, considering it too closely bound up with the garden theme. And I started a series of painting on the theme of Sky.

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