Project Description

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You got a project, We have the Talent!

Elephants, gazelles, rams or horses, Thomas Tuner roams the fauna of the world through his mechanical bending works. It has been more than six years since the artist plays with the robot of the industry. Captivated and terrified by ”machinery”, he made of this object his work. ”It is all this force, technological power and cybernetics I want to deliver through my sculptures.” he said. The creative process goes through several stages. After taking time to consideration and the elaboration of prototype, it is turn to computer-aided design, digital cutting, milling by computer, mechanical assembly, industrial powder coating with magnetic paint…

He works like an industial designer to create unique pieces and original works numbered by 8. Scuplture in sights, Thomas Turner started with ceramics and slowly went to metal. Leading a career as a decorator for the movie industry, his sculptures are about hunting trophies, animal busts for lounges, cabinet of curiosities… The mix and match between cybernetics, settings, science and industry make the beauty of his works. Wheter it is skeletons or scientific prosthesis, his technique provides modernity to hunting trophies.

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