Project Description


Coming from an artistic (sculptor mother, astronomer father), this artist has, since her childhood, puts her hands in clay and her mind in the clouds. Very early she is attract by creation. She frequents design professional and develop an sensitivity for pictorial art. Nowadays, in her shed on the countryside, she realize from instinct, with happiness, unique pieces, board , ceramic wall, drawings, sculptures. She grew up in a natural environment, she propose poetic objects from a very personal inspiration. “I add pigments to my base, a little more, a little less, it’s always different, I cut, I stick, I rip, I paint… My hands guides me, every drawing is a journey, at the arrival it’s always a discovery.” Drawings: Melting techniques, collages, pigments, paint. Linen canvas tight on chassis. Sculpture and ceramic: clay, plaster.

You got a project, We have the Talent!

The artist develops custom projects, he meets the requirements of a tailored work, offering endless creative possibilities.

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