Project Description

You got a project, We have the Talent!

The furniture (chairs, benches and small tables) is directly carved in tree trunks. Most of the pieces are sculpted out of a single piece of wood, without any assembling: they are monoxyla.

The process

The creation process starts in the woods in Châtillon-sur-Seine (21),Burgundy. The trees come from sustainably managed forests. The artist use mostly oaks, but also maples, beech trees and ash trees. The artist seek the closest contact with the natural material. This technique of direct carving, on-site, is a blend of logging and sculpture. The shaping of a piece is done for a large part using traditional tools (draw knife, adze, spokeshave). Axes are replaced by chain saws, which the artist use to rough out the piece from the undressed timber. The process continues in the workshop in Arcueil (94), just outside Paris. The artist use a specific technique for the drying of thick pieces of wood. For the finishing, he use biodegradable products. The artist also perform operations of bleaching, superficial burning and wood ebonization.

“Less is more”

The style is contemporary and uncluttered, so that the intrinsic qualities of the material may come to the fore. Clean, limpid design gives center stage to the natural patterns of the tree – veins, annual rings, variations of colour and fine structure. The simplicity of the form exposes the richness of the texture. Chairs and tables are stated firmly but concisely. In being functional and minimalist, the furniture aims at a kind of transparency that reveals the tree’s powerful presence. Its feel; its density; its smell.

Values at work

“Both the making and the sourcing are local and energy-efficient. The finishing products are eco-friendly and used sparingly: the furniture must be able to breathe. I go and choose each of my trees in the forest, based on the piece it can inspire. The time spent working on each individual object pays homage to the singularity of the tree it came from, and to the time this tree took to grow.Each piece is signed and numbered, because it is unique: it bears the original features of a living material. Some of the furniture is available in stock, or can be reproduced in small series. Objects can also be custom-made. The furniture is guaranteed.” B.L

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